dimanche 16 février 2014

Precision Bass PJ "American DeLuxe" upgrade

The inspiration

All started with an ad for a modded Squier, I knew I finally found the model of my future bass.
First thing was to determine the humbucker model and where to get one. This black Squier seems to have a Blacktop Precision humbucker.

The owner said in his ad he asked a pro for the modification. As a newbie bassist I didn't want to invest a lot but getting however a singular model, so I'd do it by myself, routing a bass body.

This article close to my quest showing how a Precision got a jazz bridge pickup showed me the way : A Fender MIM P-Bass Gets Upgraded

Mother of this design is the Fender American DeLuxe Precision Bass, having active electronics.

The works

My search for a pickup quicky drove to the Fender American DeLuxe Precision Humbucker: quality, easy to find and cheap (40$ !!!). Strangely, current Precision Blacktop pickup is just nowhere on the web whereas  the DeLuxe has lots of eBay offers, so I bought it. The simple way to install it in a cheap Squier Affinity Precision, is to get the PJ model that already has all material to implement the bridge pickup (volume on drilled pickguard, side mounted jack) to route in place.

 Then, making a routing pattern from the pickup. I used 10mmm plywood.

Position for the template is centered on the existing routing. Fix it with double sided tape, route and just replace the weak Jazz with its fat brother and then :

As for body building he it is :


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