lundi 15 juin 2015

Bill Lawrence 1998 move to Bethlehem

In another article in Sept. 1998 Wili Stich aka Bill Lawrence gives details on his move to Bethleem in 1998. This is a bigger step and more ambitious plan for the future enlarging the premicies.

The company has an address in Bethleem in January 1998 already, as this fisrt contact page in web archive testifies.
Bill Lawrence Guitars company is still recorded as active at this address !

Here is nowadays streetview of this second location :

 Also a picture of "Pembroke Industrial Center" showing Wilde guitar headstock at the entrance :

This location changes in the webarchive between march and june 2000, the guitar activity also disappears from the site that focus on pickups only.

Bill Lawrence stay in Bethlehem until june 2003 .

dimanche 14 juin 2015

Bill Lawrence Wilde 1997 facilities in Cooperfield.

Willi Stich aka Bill Lawrence made numerous attemps in guitar business. When he restarted business in 1996, one of his activities was guitar manufacturing, again aborted since then.

This Aug. 1997 interview  (archive) relates Willi Stich never ending hope and self assurance in his capacity to achieve great endeavour.

This location is the first registred in the webarchive of in June 1997.

Funnily this factory address is still registred in Q/A in Seymour Duncan website .

Nowadays here is the streetview of the factory :