dimanche 22 décembre 2013

Spirit of Angus

Black Ice World Tour - 9 June 2009 - Marseille - Stade Vélodrome

Some (hell's) angel sometimes passes through a mobile phone cam (Sony Ericson k530i).

One hour before I took the kind of poor pic I usually get, forget.

Let's Dance (David Bowie) - 1983

Probably most underrated Bowie's album.

Years ago it came during so called New wave era, a generic bag enclosing people like The Cure, Depeche Mode, U2, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, a renewed British pop wave that will give major "rock" band of the next decade.
Bowie is an ex-star of the 70's looking somehow old school in this new generation, and to get in contact he just makes a masterpiece. I've always been badly finger-pointed citing this album as my Bowie fav's.
I admit the main song Let's Dance is not a monument like Life on Mars or Space Oddity , but it's also not the best song of the album. Because there are no stuff song in it, just premiums.

The biggest is Ricochet, a heavy jazzy song with bass/percussions/horns slow but intense, love it.  
Criminal World follows, it's simple, so simple that the melodic line holds it entirely, a Bowie signature, the voice is deeply mixed as he sings nearly whispering. The bass line beats and rythm this apparently cool song which is more dramatic than it seems first.
Steevie Ray Vaughan is invited on a revisited version on motion track Cat People to build a real version of the song. The association result is impressive sending original Moroder's version in the Kindergarten of music. All SRV's here : rythm, melody, inspriration- the right note at the right moment, I would rather say, this one is the masterpiece of the album, too difficult to choose...

Okay, Iggy Pop's China Girl's is the song of the album as numerous covers of it attest, but the radio spamming has made it also an old tube. Just the Chinese intro is ridiculous as on Iggy's.
Modern Love made also a great tube, nice saxo chorus, it rocks and opens the album, just nice !  
Let's Dance eponym song is a total renewal fo Bowie, cutting with songwritting, it's radio-video pop tube of the New Wave. Amateurs don't like ? People love.

About the style of the album, Wikipedia when I wrote says rock/dance/post-disco, to sumarize, it's just New Wave